What is Laravel framework in PHP?

Down to the basics explaining what Laravel framework is.

by Victor Gonzalez

A quick search around the web yields very mixed results on the answer to this question but the real straight forward answer is, it is a PHP-powered tool sets to build modern web applications. Now this may mean something to you but it may not, so let's break it down even further.

In order for us to answer the question of what is Laravel framework in PHP, we first need to understand what a framework is and what it isn't. It is common misconception that Laravel is a replacement for something like WordPress, surely they are both written in PHP but that couldn't be further from the truth. WordPress is like a pre-fabricated home, it is mostly put together and you get to paint the walls the color of your choice but can you move the bathroom from one end of the house to the other? Nope. So what about Laravel? Well, Laravel is not pre-fabricated but rather, think of it as the building materials and a huge vacant lot. You get to make all of the decisions but in this scenario you are not limited to a specific floorplan.

As the name suggests a framework can be thought of as the framing that goes up to construct a house. Every single house has framing but they all look completely different. The same can be said about Laravel applications, Laravel provides you with a set of tools to build anything you would like. Laravel is opiniated because it does make a lot of decisions for you and this is what makes it such a powerful tool. While at first this may sound like a bad thing, these assumptions and decisions have been carefully crafted into a set of tools that will supercharge your development. And in the real-world, this is extremely powerful and is what has made Laravel the biggest PHP framework. Some might even go as far as saying Laravel saved PHP during the dark times of PHP.

In conclusion, if you are looking to develop a modern PHP application, then Laravel is what you are looking for.

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